Liquidation Sale!
Baby Sprout Naturals is Closing


Due to the current economy & in light of the CPSIA, Baby Sprout Naturals will be liquidating instock inventory. The CPSIA which has put an undo burden on small businesses that strive to sell natural baby products in a corporate competitive market is one of many reasons we've decided to put a hold on the business.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)


The CPSIA legislation was an important contribution in efforts to strengthen product safety laws to make sure only safe and compliant products are sold to our nation's children. While well-intentioned, this legislation contains several provisions that impose new and burdensome requirements that increase costs at a time of economic upheaval but do not offer any improvement in the safety of children's products, including toys, clothing, and footwear. If left unchanged, such requirements, especially considering this dire economic environment, will have a disastrous impact on many companies..